Library Details


The library is well equipped with 2810+ books on various subjects, the details of which are given below. Library is a free to access place for all the students and staff members.

Library policy of KVS is implemented. Bar coding is implemented in issuing the books and receiving them. Library software from NIC is used in the library for automation.

Various magazines and dailies are also procured for the benefit of the students.

Library Committee was set up and the committee meets at least once in a quarter.

The decisions taken in the meeting are implemented.

Details of Books:


Reference books :81

Biographies :93

Text Books :209

Total number of Books in Hindi :729

Total number of Books for Primary :790

Details of Magazines and Dailies:

Monthlies :18

Bi-Monthlies :03

Weeklies :05

Dailies :04