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Session 2017-18

The Scouts and Guides activities are being conducted in the Vidyalaya from the starting of the session with the registration of Scouts and Guides. The students of our Vidyalaya actively take part in Scouts and Guides activities. There are Sixty nine Scouts and Fifty two Guides enrolled in the movement. The various Scouting and guiding qualifications of our Scouts and Guides are as follows:

S.No. Scouts/ Guides Qualifications Number of Scouts Number of Guides
1 Scouts Rajya Puraskar 07 03
2 Scouts Tritiya Sopan 03 06
3 Scouts Dwitiya Sopan 24 14
4 Scouts Pratham Sopan 16 08
5 Scouts Pravesh 18 21

This year four Scouts of Class X have attended Rajya Puraskaar their names are as follows:

S.No. Scouts/ Guides Name of Scouts/ Guides
1 Scouts Amaresh Sahu
2 Scouts B. Jyoti Swaroop
3 Scouts Chandra Sekher Bidika
4 Scouts Sudhansu Sekher Madangi

Six Scouts of Class IX have attended the Tritiya sopan testing camp

S.No. Scouts/ Guides Name of Scouts/ Guides
1 Scouts Nitin Chandra Sahu
2 Scouts Partha Sarathi Rout
3 Scouts Ajeet Mohanty
4 Scouts Subrakanta Sahu
5 Scouts Adarsh Benia
6 Scouts Somprakash Sahu


Beside this at Vidyalaya level The Pravesh test for Scouts was conducted on 29th July and their investiture will be done on 3rd August 2017. The Pratham Sopan and Dwitiya Sopan Testing camp will be organized from 16th Sep to 18th Sep 2017.

The regular troop meetings are being conducted on Wednesday for the scouts and guides various activities including basic drilling are being taught and practiced in these meetings. A trekking programme is also being arranged for Scouts and guides in the month of December.